Share your inspiring story
with us!

We are more than happy to see results of our customers. So if you felt or experienced any changes with Klinio and its diet helped you lose weight, manage your blood sugars and their spikes, we would love to hear about your experience - please send us your story to [email protected].

We are sure you know the struggles of living with diabetes, so your story will definitely become a great inspiration to the Klinio community and help others live a more fulfilling life. All stories are important, so we don’t care if you started a week or a year ago.

IMPORTANT! By sharing your story, you participate in our lottery to win a $25 Amazon voucher.

Your story should cover these key points:

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself; That will help us shape your story.
  2. When were you diagnosed with diabetes?
  3. What diets/meal plans have you tried before to manage the disease?
  4. Did you have any specific eating habits before starting Klinio?
  5. How did you find out about Klinio and what made you decide to join the Klinio community?
  6. When (approximately) did you start seeing a difference?
  7. How did your eating habits change?
  8. In case you also started exercising, how did your physical health improve?
  9. Do you think it is mandatory for diabetic-diagnosed people?
  10. How would you motivate others to start this journey?

Your answers could be recorded with any recording device and sent to us at [email protected], along with “before and after” pictures if possible. Ideally, those pictures will demonstrate your weight loss progress (should be high resolution).

Also, in case you do not wish to share some personal information such as your name or anything else, please mention it in the e-mail, so your personal details will remain safe.