Kombucha and Diabetes

Kombucha and Diabetes


Glycemic index:


Calories per 100 g:

7 kcal

Kombucha and Diabetes - How Does Kombucha Affect Diabetics?

In case you have diabetes and you are wondering about the safety of taking kombucha, then you should get ready for a shocker. Tea is consumed by lots of people and comes with lots of health benefits. 

But the problem most diabetic people face is the sugar level of any drink or tea they are drinking. The question every diabetic person should ask here is: Is the sugar level in kombucha healthy for me?

In this article, we will be sharing the relationship between Kombucha and diabetes.


Why Kombucha?

Kombucha tea is fermented with bacteria and yeast plus sugar. It contains probiotics and antioxidants that are known to help with chronic health problems and gut problems, according to a registered dietitian and nutritionist, Audrey Koltun.

There have been some contemplations about the safety of kombucha with diabetes since the tea contains sugar. In an animal study with diabetic rats, the result revealed that Kombucha tea has a glucose-lowering effect on the rat more than black tea. This thereby implies that tea can play a role in diabetes.

Benefits of Kombucha

Since kombucha is made from green tea, it also contains the same benefits as great tea. According to studies, drinking green tea regularly can lead to a decrease in calories, belly fat and help in controlling blood sugar.

It also contains antioxidants, which help to reduce toxicity in the liver. In rats, the reduction was about 70 percent.


In this article, we have seen the link between Kombucha and diabetes. Although there has not been a stable conclusion to the importance of kombucha to humans as most of the studies are on rats. 

It is believed that the drink has a special effect on the blood sugar level of man. 

We advise that you consult your doctor first before drinking kombucha to stay on the safe side.

Nutritional value

  • Protein 0 g
  • Carbohydrate 1.48 g
  • Fat 0 g
  • Fiber 0 g
  • Sugar 0.85 g
  • Cholesterol 0 g

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