28-Days No Junk Food Challenge for Weight Loss

A comprehensive meal and workout plan adapted to people with diabetes. Start with a 28 days challenge to develop new habits and to ensure long-term results.

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Benefits that lead to real results

Research shows a real long-term impact of using the Klinio app.

Increased weight loss

Users lose an average of 7.3% of their body weight by following the custom-designed Klinio meal plan.

Reduced cravings

With a variety of 45,000 recipes to choose from, Klinio users find healthy alternatives to all favorite foods.

Improved health

People who use Klinio report a permanent reduction in their blood glucose levels by an average of 0.5%.

People often ask

I’ve tried tons of diets and nothing works for me. How is Klinio any different?

Thing is, Klinio is not a diet – it’s a meal plan, and it’s an option. There is no restriction or limitation involved. Instead, Klinio teaches you how to enjoy your favorite foods in a healthy and weight-reducing way. The app provides a step-by-step guide on how to improve your daily habits and does not initiate any drastic changes.

What is this 28-days No Junk Food Challenge?

Research shows that it takes at least 4 weeks of continuous effort to make a habit stick. That is why this challenge from Klinio is designed to help you make a gradual change and adjust your nutrition in a comfortable way. Having a specific end-date in mind helps evaluate how far you’ve come and see the progress you’ve made. Afterwards, you can choose to follow a regular Klinio plan or try out the Keto meal plan option.

Full-time job, family… what if I don’t have any time to make changes now?

The Klinio meal plan and other app features (like no-equipment workouts and data tracker) are created to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. The entire program is personalized to fit each individual routine and help optimize your health through the best available options.

These users already know how life-changing Klinio can be:

“I’ve lost 27 lb so far. It’s crazy how well this challenge works!”

– Diana

“I lost 38 lbs in a short period of time! Plus, I lowered my A1c, it’s absolutely incredible. This diet and exercise program really helps.”

– Jess

“My BMI was nearly 36 when I started Klinio. Now I’m getting back in shape.”

– Dan

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