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I’ve been using this app for a few months now and have noted some positive results. The app really helps with meal planning and keeping me on track without feeling hungry all the time.

Taylor M.
Miami, FL

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Klinio is designed with tons of features to help you manage diabetes and track important metrics like blood glucose levels, glycated hemoglobin, steps, weight and medications.

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Video reviews


“The Klinio app helps you find your own way, nurtures healthy habits, and gives an opportunity to enjoy your progress.”


"It’s been 6 months since I’ve found Klinio, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon."


"I won’t lie and say I’m not scared about having diabetes... I am, however, happy that I found Klinio."


"I finally see how much nutrition really means. I don’t feel bloated anymore, I’m full of energy, and my mood is great..."


Linda La Page I started a couple of days ago. The meals are delicious! I’m very happy with this program. Working my way through the educational videos.

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Dianna Dorrell Liverman Started this about 3-4 weeks ago...glucose down 147 points, and down 13 lbs. Food is amazing. Whole house eating this way, husband under 200 lbs. We are all extremely happy.

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Carol Falato-Freemyer McKenna Healthiest diet on the planet! Everyone should eat like this.

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John Adam My goal was to go from 208 to 185...I was 177.4 this morning! YES!

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Jenni Katsargiris-Chiarotto Love this program, great recipes, lots of selections. Prepares a shopping list based on your selections. Allows you to set your carb, fat and protein intake, even monitors your water consumption. Week 3 and loving it!

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Ken Suffridge I use Klinio mainly for recipe ideas and I’m telling you - I havent cooked such simple and delicious meals in quite a while. And my sugars are in range too! I really recommend to try this app out

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Nancy Moeller I dropped my A1c from 9 to 6 in 6 months

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Rose K Britt I’m using the app. I have lost 5lbs, not bad for the 2 months I’ve been on it. I think it keeps me accountable.

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Klinio assistant is designed to help anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes and doesn’t know where to start.

It specifically covers the most common diabetes management topics such as caloric intake, macronutrient composition, blood sugar, its tracking, exercising, the amount of sugar and cholesterol you need to consume.

With Klinio, all the calculations and information you must know about your condition will be provided daily.

- Dr. Barnett

Begin your diabetes management journey now

Start a quick 60-sec quiz to find out your health goals to and get personalized features

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