My A1C went from extremely high to normal – 7.4% to 5.7%! When I started taking better care of myself with Klinio, my diabetes got under control.

“One of the mistakes I’ve made was not exercising. I tried to eat healthy, but my blood sugars would remain extremely high. My friend was using this app to try and lose some weight, and when I saw that it offers a home workout feature, I decided to try it as well. Few weeks of following the workouts not only helped me with blood glucose stabilization, I also lost some extra pounds along the way.”

- Judy

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The Klinio App Helps Prevent Diabetes Complications Through:

Intuitive Data Sync

Connection to GM and smart data monitoring devices to sync up all the important information in one place.

Ever-evolving Meal Plan

Over 45.000 diabetes-friendly meal ideas that come with pre-calculated calories and macronutrients.

Comprehensive Activity Log

All-in-one data log to keep tabs on calorie intake, water consumption and overall progress.

Blood Sugar Tracker

Widget to track daily blood sugar levels and their fluctuations. Possibility to generate reports to show to medical professionals.

No-equipment Beginner Workouts

Customizable exercises based on activity level, pace, and ability, that can be done at home.

Educational Content

Video and text material that covers all aspects of successful diabetes management and provides useful everyday tips.

Proven Method to Reduce Diabetes Complications – Weightloss

Building habits that make an impact. Klinio users report an average 7.3% reduction in their body weight after using the Klinio app.


Body weight reduction

Body weight loss has also lead to reduction of diabetes-related prescription.

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