“At this point, I can confirm that choosing Klinio for my weight loss journey was the best decision that I’ve made in a while. 

I started out this year with 202 lb and a type 2 diagnosis. My doctor insisted that I change my diet and lose the excess weight to bring my blood sugar down. I started trying immediately but didn’t get far – the diets were either impossible to stick to or the recommended foods were spiking my glucose level. 

Then I saw the ad for Klinio and decided to try out the app, mainly because of the personalized meal plan feature. I love the fact that I could do everything on my own terms: select the foods I like, adjust the portions, choose the time I want to eat… After a while, I also started doing the summer body workout challenge to burn some more calories. And it worked!

It’s been four months since I started the Klinio program. There were some missteps, sure, but I still managed to lose more than 35 lb. I don’t experience sudden blood sugar spikes anymore because this app helped me identify foods that are safe to eat. 

It’s time to renew my subscription, and I have no hesitation on my part. Klinio is definitely the way to go if you want to get a handle on your weight and nutrition.” – Jessica 

Living with diabetes can get complicated. Make it simple with Klinio, the leading app to manage it all.

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Stepping onto a scale might feel frightening, but once that moment is over – you’re in the right place to start taking action. The Body Mass Index is a simple measure formula that calculates your body fat percentage and estimates health-related risks. Check yours with the calculator or chart On the right.

Maintaining a healthy weight with diabetes goes a long way. It helps support your blood pressure, cholesterol and reduces the risks of developing severe health problems. Klinio provides safe and long-term guidance on losing weight, maintaining a specialized diet, and regular exercise to keep track of your healthy diabetes routine.


Metabolism is a very complicated process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. The same energy ensures the vital functions of the heart, lungs, digestive system, and many more. However, the metabolism of people with diabetes differs from the metabolism of people without it.

Christine Ellis, the Head of Nutrition at Klinio explains that a combination of healthy eating patterns and regular physical activity is the key to a long-term weight management strategy. To ensure a balanced metabolism, without risk of blood sugar elevation, insulin resistance, and drastic weight gain, following a customized diet plan is essential.

Body Types

Different bodies require different diets. It’s not rocket science – just facts. Your body shape is one of the main determinants of what type of diet will work for you. It can pinpoint what food to stay clear of, how many calories to consume, and what to focus on when exercising.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pounds that are taken off gradually are more likely to stay off than those that are shed very fast. When you drop weight too quickly, especially with diabetes, you risk suffering from certain health complications that often require high levels of dietary restrictions and may lead to acute diabetes complications.

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