How Jessica found a way to

manage diabetes naturally

Jessica Miller

“Getting diagnosed with prediabetes was a shock. I needed to find a convenient way to get my health and weight on track fast, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon it.

I knew that the weight I gained after I’ve had my daughter was taking a toll on my health, and the little attention I paid to my own eating habits was not leading to anything good. It seemed like I was stretched thin already what with my job, my family, and my sick mother-in-law to look after. When I found out that I was prediabetic, I seriously thought I would snap. 

Then the whole thing started… carb counting, blood sugar tracking, constant research. I was overwhelmed and started looking for a way to ease the whole process. That’s how I found my way to Klinio.”

Generate a personalized diabetes management plan:

Unique features that make a difference

Personalized meal plan

Follow a custom-tailored meal plan covering everything from your caloric intake to macronutrient composition and sugar consumption. Adapt the plan to preferred ingredients and personal food no-no’s.

No-equipment home workouts

Don’t stress over working out. Start by easing into exercise with short and easy 5-15 minute workouts. Once you’re ready for a challenge, jump into your personalized fitness plan.

Learn. Track. Progress.

Use the innovative all-in-one health data tracker to keep tabs on your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, water intake, steps and so much more. Learn what impacts your body and progress at your own pace.

The Advanced Solution to Fight Diabetes

“The app was a life-saver and I wish I’ve known about it earlier. It gave me so many great ideas for diabetes-safe meals for me and my family. And the tracker in the app helped me keep tabs on my blood glucose. 

Bit by bit, I’ve realized that Klinio helped me change my habits without disrupting my routine. I started tracking my health, eating better and healthier, and the blood sugar spikes became a rare occurrence. I also managed to lose more than 20lb already, without any medication.”

“Now I’m on my way to reversing my prediabetes, all thanks to this app.” – Jessica

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