Klinio app updates: Introducing Today’s Tasks

Kasparas Aleknavicius

2022 Jan 27

1 min read

At Klinio, we’re always aiming to improve and do better so that you and other users would get the most efficient diabetes management experience.   

So today, we would like to share some news on the most recent Klinio app updates. Our team introduces Today’s tasks.

This new feature is a personalized today’s plan prepared according to the CDC program. The main idea of this upgrade is to bring some specific tasks to the user and encourage them to accomplish them daily. 

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Today’s task feature involves the “total progress” bar, which gives users a sense of progression and achievement to their daily tasks.

When it comes to academy articles, they are split into smaller chunks of readings per day (for the first 16 days) so that users would access educational content in more convenient proportions. 

Finally, in the new “Track more” section, users will be able to add additional trackers for their daily health tracking.  

We hope that the new feature upgrades will help you out in your diabetes management journey and bring you better health results.

Written by

Kasparas Aleknavicius

Kasparas is one of our freshest doctor’s in the Klinio family. With his master’s in medicine and broad-spectrum health experience, he is helping our customers better understand diabetes management. Kasparas is also participating in every product project - from our blog and hub articles to diabetes management subtleties. As a healthcare futurist, he constantly looks for innovative ways to control blood glucose and ensure the most efficient diabetes management.

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