Klinio Updates: New Workouts are Live

Klinio team

2022 Apr 07

1 min read

Klinio has dropped the newest updated feature – personalized workouts!

This updated workout program is a great app feature to help users stay active and achieve their wanted weight loss results.

So, what are those updates? Well, these improved workouts are mostly adjusted for people over 40 years old, meaning that users will find a wide range of low-intensity exercises here. 

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The workouts will range from pilates to simple chair workouts at home. Most importantly, every selected workout will begin with video tutorials to help users understand how to perform each exercise. 

The updated workouts will follow easy 5–15-minute exercises that will help each user accelerate their metabolism and burn calories.

So, check it out, get yourself the newest workout plan, and add it to your personalized Klinio program!

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Klinio team

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