Planning meals with diabetes.

Made simple.

Diabetes Management app that includes:

• Personal meal plan – 45.000+ recipes

• No-equipment workouts at home

• Intuitive blood glucose tracker

• Easy weight loss helper

How does Klinio help with meal planning?

The Klinio meal plan includes only diabetes-safe foods that balance out your nutrition and ensures that you are ready to handle cravings during your busy day.

The plan comes with pre-calculated portion sizes and macronutrient composition of each meal, sparing the time you would otherwise spend tracking this information yourself.

Any food item from each of the 45.000+ recipes can be swapped out by another alternative or removed from the meal plan altogether.

If you get diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, designing a proper nutrition plan is one of the first things you should do. It helps you control your blood sugar, manage your weight, and control heart disease risk factors, such as high blood pressure and high blood fat. I’ve seen my patients reach tremendous progress with the Klinio meal plan and diabetes management program. They divide the overall health goal into weekly or monthly periods, which, I believe, makes it easier to change life-long habits.” – Braden G. Barnett, MD

Detailed recipes and more creative meal ideas in the Klinio app

Find what will work for you with this 60-sec quiz approved by doctors and nutritionists who have created the Klinio app.