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Do you know Rachel?

Rachel set her health goals. Calculated her ideal weight.

Stocked up on quality food.

Even packed a protein bar for emergencies.

This time, she meant it.

She was going to get that quarantine weight in check.

And she was going to get her blood glucose under control.

And for the first week, things looked promising…

She cooked at home. Ate the right meals. Did the workouts, even though her leg pained her.

Results! She could see them coming her way. But…

There were TOO many restrictions.

Can’t eat this. Must eat that. How long could she possibly sustain it?

Before she knew it, a rough day at work triggered an old habit.

And a chocolate bar passed her lips.

💥 Boom! 💥

She thought she spoiled it.

Might as well take a rain check on those health goals.

But you see…

Rachel is NOT a real person.

Though she embodies millions of women who go on a diet every year. And one thing is clear…

Cravings are the worst.

But they’re also a signal your meal plan is incomplete.

That’s why over 150.000 women have already switched to a personalized

Klinio meal plan that takes your unique cravings into account.

Everyone is uniqe

And there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to diabetes. Find out your own sustainable way to lose weight with Klinio.