Constantly improving personalized meal plan

The Klinio app has a unique feature: a personalized meal plan that you can change at any time:

  • 45,000+ diabetes-friendly recipes
  • Easily customizable diabetes meal plan
  • Covers macronutrient composition, caloric intake, sugar, and cholesterol
Personalize the plan

An ideal meal plan for diabetes

A low-carb diet takes some getting used to. Sugar can be found in the most unexpected places, from sauces to cured meats. It may be challenging to make the switch to eating only small amounts of sugar, but it is necessary for people with diabetes.

The Klinio app generates a diabetic meal plan based on your caloric intake, macronutrient composition, sugar, and cholesterol requirements. Reduce carbs in your diet gradually, and benefit from a diabetes meal plan that adapts over time.

Healthy diabetes meal plan crafted just for YOU

Each of these Klinio meals is designed to take only 15 to 20 minutes to prepare. And if you follow a plant-based diet, the recipes can be easily modified according to your needs. Change the way you approach your food and begin a healthy meal plan for diabetes.

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