Sleep Deprivation and Diabetes

Sleep Deprivation and Diabetes

Sleep Deprivation and Diabetes - Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Diabetics?

It is a normal trend for the blood sugar level of anyone to increase at night. This happens whether you are sleeping or not. Blood glucose fluctuation occurs every night and should not be a cause of concern for anyone.
According to studies, sleep plays an essential role in managing blood sugar levels. Sleep deprivation may be a result of obesity and diabetes. Diabetes is usually affected by blood sugar, which makes blood sugar a causative factor of sleeplessness. Sleep deprivation and diabetes are closely related, and people with diabetes usually experience poor sleep.

Can Sleep Deprivation Affect Diabetics

Yes, sleep deprivation can affect diabetes. According to research, studies show that one in two persons with type 2 diabetes has sleep problems. This is due to unstable blood sugar and other diabetic-related symptoms resulting in insomnia at night and fatigue.

When the blood sugar level is high, the kidney helps relieve it by causing frequent urination, making you visit the toilet more often- thereby interrupting your sleep.

How Does Poor Sleep Affect Blood Sugar Level?

Sleep deprivation has been linked to high blood pressure in diabetic patients. Research has shown that sleep restriction may affect blood sugar levels because of its effect on insulin oxidative stress and cortisol.

Also, people with diabetes have been reported to sleep for less than six to eight hours, which causes them to have a higher risk of elevated blood sugar. Sleep deprivation also increases the risk of developing insulin resistance.

Having sleep deprivation increases the hunger hormone and reduces the hormone that makes us feel full. To compensate for the energy lost, diabetic patients usually meet up by eating food which usually puts them at risk of increased blood sugar and obesity. 


Since sleep deprivation and diabetes are closely related, it is seen that lack of sleep can cause a rise in blood sugar levels. 

We advise that you meet your doctor to provide you with a sleeping aid and other ways to get better sleep.

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