Tequila and Diabetes

Tequila and Diabetes

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Tequila and Diabetes

The inspiration behind many wild crazy nights, Tequila is undoubtedly known as the ultimate drink for all things bad behavior. 

It begins with a few rounds and ends with hilarious scenes of absolute madness… 

But does this drink hold certain properties that can help people living with type 2 diabetes? 

For every person with diabetes, the question with any potential remedy is whether it can lower blood sugar as diabetes is essentially a chronic medical condition that causes blood sugar levels, or glucose to build up in the bloodstream.

It is quite clear what tequila can do to your senses, but there have been more than a few testimonies swearing that it supports certain health benefits, including weight loss and lower blood sugar levels, so the question remains: can people with diabetes rely on this popular beverage for help?


In this article, we will filter deep into this popular spirit to find out if it offers value beyond materials needed for comedy gold. 


Here is a summary of what we will be looking at

  • Tequila and its ingredients 

  • Nutritional details of tequila 

  • Health benefits of Tequila 

  • Risk of diabetics taking tequila

  • Frequently Asked Questions


Tequila and its varieties

A distilled spirit made from the blue agave plant, which contains natural sugars used by many in the production of spirit which is believed to be better than artificial sweeteners. Tequila is the pride of Mexico and it blossoms in and around the town equally called Tequila, west of Jalisco. 

Only spirit beverages made from blue agave plants and approved by the Mexican government can be termed tequila, as this pure agave tequila has a protected designation of origin, which means it can only be processed, and prepared in a specific area by locals who use ingredients found within authorized regions. 

This drink comes in a host of flavorful varieties, including the three most popular ones: Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo tequila, as well as Joven, Paloma, and Margarita, which is a cocktail spiked with tequila. 

The nutritional value found in the agave plant gives us a hint as to why those within the wellness circle believe drinking tequila has the potency to aid people with diabetes. 


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Nutritional Details of Tequila

Managing diabetes demands that you are as alert to what you eat as to what you drink. Failure to adhere to this routine can get your blood sugar spiking dangerously high. 

Squinting your eyes to read through ingredients slapped to the side of food and drink containers is a matter of survival. 

According to the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA), a shot of tequila (42g or 1.5 ounces) contains:


  •  Calories: 97

  •  Fat: 0g

  •  Protein: 0g

  •  Alcohol: 14g

  •  Sodium: 0.42mg

  •  Sugars: 0g

  •  Carbohydrates: 0g

  •   Fiber: 0g


As you might have noticed, unlike many distilled spirits, Tequila in its distilled form has no trace of sugars, carbohydrates, or fat. 

For diabetics, the absence of carbohydrates ultimately means a zero glycemic index. Zero carbohydrates, no risk of lower blood glucose levels.

Also, type 2 diabetes demands you stay off any sugary drinks. No sugary sports drinks, sweet tea, or sugary juices. In fact, your regular go-to liquid is good old water. Just like water, Tequila lacks sugars and moderate drinking can free one from the fear of rising blood glucose levels. 


Potential Health Benefits of Tequila

The information space relating to diabetes is filled with unconfirmed claims, myths, and marketers trying their absolute best to persuade you to buy one  "magic root" that ends diabetes in a few weeks. 

This is why when it comes to diabetes, you must be in constant interaction with a licensed health professional about adding any drink or food to your diet plan. 

Many people do believe that this beverage has a valid claim to being hailed as one of the unique healthy drinks, but this reeks of both sarcasm and lies used to make a profit.

Although, without the distillation process that alters the agave juice in the tequila plant, it can help with many health conditions, including:


Weight loss

Owing to its rich sugar property, the agavins found in this blue plant function the same way as dietary fiber which implies the body absorbs it differently from typical sugar. This implies agavins reduce glucose levels and increase calories which is why it is believed to support weight management. 

This animal study shows the difference between mice that were given liquid with agavin and those that had their liquid spiked with fructose and other sweeteners. Those that had agavin in their diet ate less and were able to lose weight.


Immune Functions 

The agave is packed with antioxidants which have been known to help to boost one's immune system by helping the cells to be more responsive. 


Pains and Inflammation 

Blessed with the saponin compound, the agave plant has been shown to have the potential to reduce pain and inflammation. 

The variety of Agave tequilana, Agave americana, and Agave Angustifolia anti-inflammatory have all been used in Mexican traditional medicine as a cure for inflammation. These varieties resulted in healing mice with swollen ears, as revealed in this study

Other health benefits attributed to the raw agave plant include: Insulin regulation, improved immune function, assisted bone health, etc. 

It must be stated that quality studies on the health benefit of just drinking tequila are grossly lacking, especially in humans, and this is due to the fermentation process. The blue agave plant loses all the health benefits attributed to it after it goes through processing. 

Still, Tequila is a well-distilled liquor and with every alcohol consumption comes certain health solutions when taken in moderation. Drinking a moderate shot of tequila can… 


Help with Stress

Health studies have given evidence that drinking alcohol can help to reduce mild and occasional stress. Every time you drink tequila or any alcohol, there is a release of endorphins in the brain, which helps to make us feel happier, more relaxed and well, we also become talkative. 

Although it must be reiterated that alcohol and stress are not always a perfect fit, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). Using tequila or any alcoholic drink to manage stress can be dangerous to one's health. 


Lower Blood Sugar

Drinking tequila can help to regulate insulin and reduce glucose levels. A few pieces of evidence agrees that people living with type 2 diabetes and drinking a moderate beverage with alcoholic content can see a reduction in blood sugar


Increase Good Cholesterol 

Sipping alcohol in moderation can help to increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood, which lowers the risk of heart disease, which is a typical consequence of having type 2 diabetes. 


Risk of Diabetics taking Tequila

We have looked at its potential benefits, but with many alcoholic beverages, drawbacks are almost certain and this is because alcohol is directly absorbed into the bloodstream from either the stomach or the small intestine. This is delivered by the body to the liver. The liver, which has the routine duty of converting glycogen into glucose as needed to maintain normal blood sugar, suffers from the alcoholic presence, and rather than stick to its normal duty, it will now give attention to dealing with the alcohol. 

Because type 2 diabetes is a case of having large volumes of blood glucose owing to a lack of insulin or insulin resistance, drinks like tequila pose a major health risk for diabetics. This include:


Low Blood Glucose 

This is usually in terms of awareness. Those with type 1 diabetes are almost unaware when there is a drop in blood sugar levels which is why regular insulin medications are taken to regulate blood glucose. 

A shot of tequila and other alcohol can cause Hypoglycemia for those with diabetes, even for people with type 2 diabetes, that usually experience a rise in blood sugar. 

A body saturated with alcohol will stop any Glucogen item from functioning properly and can only work when it feeds its bodily system with food. 

People with diabetes should observe and regulate delayed Hypoglycemia when taking drinks like tequila and other alcoholic beverages, especially when using insulin or medications. This is according to The American Diabetes Association and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. 


Increased Blood Sugar

Drinks like tequila can increase blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. Hyperglycemia is common with type 2 diabetes and it can trigger symptoms including thirst, constant urination, and slow repair of wounds. 

Because type 2 diabetes bothers regulating glucose levels, you should desist from taking tequila but if you are unsure, ensure you speak with your healthcare provider before you drink tequila. 

If you need real help with fighting diabetes or you just want to know more about this disease, we at Klinio will be more than delighted to help you out with any professional information you seek. 


Weight Gain

For most alcohol, there are about 7 grams of calories. Even though distilled tequila contains no carbohydrates, the presence of alcohol in the body causes the liver to break it down and convert it to fat which contributes to adding weight. 

Other risks involved in taking alcoholic beverages like tequila include cancer, memory and learning issues, indigestion, and depression. 

Even when taken in moderation, Tequila can cause hallucinations and unsteadiness, and it's also dangerous for those driving. 

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, it's best not to take tequila or alcohol, as it can go through the umbilical cord to get to the baby. This can result in stillbirth or miscarriage. 


Drug Interaction 

Studies have shown that many medications interact with any drink with alcohol. Drinking alcohol and drugs can cancel the effective functioning of diabetes medications and even cause toxic effects on one's body. 

You have to be wary of mixing both, as this can lead to drowsiness, nausea and lack of coordination, internal bleeding, and difficulty breathing. 

You must contact a licensed medical practitioner before you add any drink to your standard diet. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is tequila healthier than other alcohols?

Although Tequila is not a healthy drink, Tequila, compared with other drinks like beers and wine, lacks sugar, carbohydrates and fewer calories. 

This is not to say one should go on to take it regularly or without a doctor's authorization. 


How Much Alcohol Can You Drink With Type 2 Diabetes?

It is advised that you don't drink two alcoholic beverages a day if you are male and up to one drink if you are a female. 

An alcoholic drink is described as any liquid containing five ounces of wine, one and a half ounces of liquor, or twelve ounces of beer.

Can too much alcohol cause type 2 diabetes? 

Excessive drinking of alcohol is bad for one's health, diabetic or not. For people with diabetes, body sensitivity to insulin is affected when you take too much alcohol. Heavy drinking has been linked to chronic pancreatitis, which is the reason for many diabetic cases. 


On a Final Note

Although Tequila is a great option if you are looking to add drinks with low sugar to your diet but because it's alcoholic, it's never a healthy option or to be seen as a diabetic remedy of any kind. 

Make your findings and speak to your doctor before you go on to drink any beverage that contains alcohol. 


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