Polenta and Diabetes

Polenta and Diabetes

Polenta and Diabetes - Is It Healthy for Diabetic People?

Diabetes is a disease caused when the pancreas is unable to process sugar or when the body refuses the insulin produced. For this reason, people with diabetes are advised to eat healthy meals that can help manage the situation.

Polenta is one of the popular meals in the US. It is made by cooking cornmeal in salted water. It can be eaten with various recipes or as a side meal. It is usually a porridge-like dish and can be served either cold or warm.

Today, we will find out if polenta and diabetes can go hand in hand without causing any harm.

Is Polenta Healthy for Diabetic?

Polenta contains complex carbohydrates which makes it good for diabetic people as they take a long time to digest. Simple sugar does not contain many nutrients and it can easily be broken down to cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

A 30 gram tablespoon of polenta contains 24 gr carbohydrate, 1g fiber, 2g protein, and 0.6 mg iron. It also contains low calories. 

According to dietitians, consuming meals that are low in calories is great for people who want to lose or maintain weight. Polenta is made from milled corn, which makes it a great source of carotenoids. 

Polenta is available in pre-cooked or packaged form. The packaged polenta is made from degerminated corn, making them low in fiber and vitamins. But you can go for the whole grain corn polenta as they contain a lot of fiber. 

Cooking polenta with milk makes it more nutritious than water due to the added nutrient.

Bottom Line

Polenta is a great meal for diabetics as seen in the polenta and diabetes article. But, since it is low in fat and protein, you can pair increase the nutrient by pairing it with cheese, meat, and seafood.

To increase the fiber content of your polenta, you can also mix it with stone-ground cornmeal. 

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