Cheerios and Diabetes

Cheerios and Diabetes

When you have diabetes, eating on a schedule helps regulate blood sugar levels, keeping them stable throughout the day. But you know that you need to monitor carbohydrate intake as they can cause a spike in your blood sugar. So you may be wondering if cereal is a healthy option for breakfast. Perhaps you’ve even heard some of the hype about Cheerios and diabetes. Are they a good choice for your morning meal? Here’s what you need to know. 

Breakfast Cereals and Diabetes

You’ve probably heard the old saying that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” For diabetics that’s especially true. regular meals are a key part of controlling your blood sugar throughout the day. Experts say that cereal can fit into your diet in a healthy way, as long as you’re choosing the right kind. Cheerios is a good option for most people and the whole grains in Cheerios are better than in other kids of cereal.

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Choosing Breakfast Cereal

Cheerios are made with whole grains, which means they have more fiber than their refined counterparts. Fiber is imperative for a diabetic meal plan because it digests slowly, which works to stabilize blood sugar instead of causing it to spike after you eat. 

When you choose cereal, it’s vital to read the labels. You want something made with whole grains, but that also contains fewer than 6 grams of sugar per serving. Look for a cereal that contains at least 3 grams of fiber per serving as well. Because breakfast should also contain protein and healthy fats, whole-grain cereal with nuts make a great choice. 

Types of Cheerios

If you’ve ever shopped for cereal at a large supermarket, you know that there are different types of Cheerios. Plain Cheerios are the best choice for a diabetic diet. Why? Because the flavored versions are much higher in sugar and won’t provide the same benefits. It’s best to stick with the whole grain, plain-flavored version so that you don’t risk a spike in blood sugar in the morning. 

Making it a Meal

Cereal is a fast and easy morning meal that can be quite beneficial if you do it right. You need some healthy fats and protein with your morning meal so consider topping your Cheerios with almond milk or tossing some toasted almonds into the bowl. You might also pair your cereal with plain Greek yogurt and a side of fresh fruit, which covers your nutrient needs and adds fiber, healthy fats, and protein to your meal. You’ll satisfy your appetite, contribute to your vitamin and mineral needs and enjoy your morning at the same time. 

There’s no reason to think you can’t have cereal if you have diabetes. However, you can’t just grab any box and pour it into a bowl. You’ll need to pay attention to sugar, fiber and carbohydrate content to ensure that you’re choosing a cereal that fits with a healthy diabetic meal plan. Cheerios are a prime choice so stock up on them today. 

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