Gin and Diabetes

Gin and Diabetes


It is assumed that drinking gin and any other alcohol has a significant risk in people with diabetes. This is because gin raises the blood sugar level to a significantly high level. However, it has some health benefits, like increasing the good cholesterol in the blood and reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. But does this mean people with diabetes can drink gin? In the article, we will be sharing the relationship between gin and diabetes.

What Studies Say About Gin and Diabetes

Some results have stated that drinking gin and diabetes can mix safely. According to research, a diabetic patient can consume about one pub shot of gin which is about 25ml.

But the guideline here is that you drink it moderately. 

Excessive drinking of gin can result in metabolic syndromes and heart conditions. It can further lead to weight gain and insulin resistance which are syndromes of type 2 diabetes.

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What Amount of Gin Can I Drink?

Since vodka contains a large amount of alcohol, it is advised that males consume two or fewer drinks per day while females consume one drink or less per day.

Also, before you take gin as a diabetic patient, learn to understand how the drink affects your body system. Note the best type of gin for you and how much of it you should take. 

According to studies, it is better to take gin with meals as it will have less impact on blood sugar and help to control diabetes. People with diabetes are also advised to manage and recognize low blood sugar when taking alcohol. The Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases says this.

It is important, especially when the patient uses insulin or other medications that can lead to low sugar.


Taking gin or other alcohol may be detrimental for people with diabetes as it may lead to high blood sugar levels. 

It can also lead to the insulin resistance level. Also, it is important to avoid taking gin on an empty stomach and never replace gin for your meals.


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