Garri and Diabetes

Garri and Diabetes


Garri and Diabetes- Its Impact on Diabetic Patients


Diabetes is on the rise in the world today, as most of us live the way we want and not put what we eat into consideration. Many people have even lived with diabetes without knowing, which is why it is essential to check your blood sugar level regularly.


Nonetheless, food is one of the natural occurring medicines to curtail the development of diabetes. And the faster we realize it, the better for us. 


Garri is one of those foods that can help keep your body's glucose in check. It is a common meal in Africa, especially in Nigeria. This is because it is easily accessible. 


Garri is made from the roots and tubers of cassava. However, consuming garri in large portions should be avoided as it can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels.


In this article, we will be sharing the relationship between garri and diabetics.

Should Diabetics Eat Garri?

Yes, diabetics can eat garri but consume very little and seldomly because of their high glucose level. Garri is a great source of carbohydrates, fat, iron, protein, and vitamins.

The Glycemic index of garri is 82, which is very high. Hence it can lead to a spike in blood sugar when consumed regularly and in a large portion.


So, if you must eat garri ensure you take very little portion.

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The Benefit of Garri

Cassava has a high fiber content that helps you stay full for a long time, making it good for weight loss.


Regardless of the benefits of garri, it can be harmful to diabetic patients if taken in large quantities because of its high glycemic index.


So, if you have to eat garri at any point as a diabetic patient, consult your doctor first, or better still, avoid it completely.

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