Rum and Diabetes

Rum and Diabetes


When you have diabetes, what you drink is as important as what you eat. You wouldn’t want to eat or drink anything that will affect you. To manage the condition, it is checked that your blood sugar level doesn't exceed the safety rate. 

What you drink even has a higher tendency of affecting your blood sugar level. So you may want to avoid anything that digests fast into your bloodstream. 

When it comes to alcohol, diabetic people have to be careful with the type they take.

So what is the relationship between rum and diabetes?

The type of alcohol you consume can either increase or lower your blood sugar level, depending on the type of drink and whether you have recently eaten or not.

Rum and Diabetes

Rum and diabetes are related in that rum contains 0 gram of carb per 45 ml, making it less likely to cause a spike in sugar level. The carb content of rum may differ depending on the type of liquor you mix it with.

For rum to be safe for diabetic people, avoid mixing it with sugary drinks, juice, or soda. Mixing rum with drinks will lead to a drastic increase in blood sugar followed by a significant decrease.

Also, do not take these drinks on an empty stomach to avoid complications. It is also safe to take and in moderate portions. According to studies, taking moderate portions of alcohol has health benefits to the body, but taking large portions may result in diabetes-related complications.

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Taking rum is healthy for diabetic patients since they contain low sugar. However, it is important to take them in small portions and not on an empty stomach to avoid complications.


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