Scotch and Diabetes

Scotch and Diabetes


Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up on taking alcohol completely. But it then means you have to mind the type of alcohol you consume. This is because, as a diabetic patient, everything you take in matters.

So you have to be conscious of the nutrient composition in everything you take. There is nowhere you will be told that taking scotch is part of the diabetics' menu. But if you have been keeping track of your blood sugar level, you will know that taking a shot of scotch won't do you any harm. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, drinking light will help manage your blood sugar and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

In this article, we will be sharing the link between scotch and diabetes.

What's the Relationship between Scotch and Diabetes?

Scotches and diabetes aren't directly related, as scotches on their own have a low amount of carbs, and therefore don't lead to a rise in blood sugar. But if you are mixing them with any drink, then you have to take into account the sugar content of the other drinks. There are many calories in alcohol, so it may not be healthy for people who wish to watch their weight as it can result in obesity.

People with diabetes should also watch alcohol intake as diabetics are more susceptible to organ damage. Alcohol has been seen to cause damage to the pancreases, heart, liver, etc.

Mostly, people experience a drop in sugar level after taking alcohol.

However, this drop is temporal. But people who are diabetic should take it into account, especially those who are on insulin medications. So, they need to adjust their alcohol intake to prevent hypoglycemia.

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Having diabetes doesn't mean you cannot take alcohol. However, you have to be watchful of the amount of alcohol you drink. 

Also, this doesn’t mean you can take alcohol as usual -- always watch your alcohol intake.

Better still, contact your doctor if you must consume more than a little glass of scotch.


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