Water and Diabetes

Water and Diabetes


As a diabetic, you should know you need to well experienced in being aware of every bite of food and sip of a beverage that crosses your lips. That’s because the items you choose to eat or drink can cause a spike in blood sugar, causing symptoms. You know that carbs and sugar are important parts of your diet to monitor, but are you considering the drinks you’re choosing? You might not be aware that they could have an impact on your blood sugar levels. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about diabetes-friendly drinks. 

Diabetes and Water

There’s a positive relationship between diabetes and water intake. It’s the number one beverage choice for anyone, diabetics included. That’s because it doesn’t contain any sugar or carbs so you can safely drink it without concern about your blood sugar. It’s also the ideal beverage for preventing dehydration, which can be caused by high blood sugar levels. Adequate water intake can also help your body flush out excess glucose when you urinate. 

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How Much Water Should a Diabetic Drink?

Getting enough water is important, but drinking too much can also cause health problems, particularly if it’s all consumed in a short amount of time. The exact amount you need depends on your weight, diet and other factors. However, the Institute of Medicine offers some general guidance for diabetics. Men should get about 13 cups of water per day and women need about 9 cups per day. 

What if You Don’t Like Water?

The biggest barrier to water intake is preference. Many people simply don’t enjoy the flavor of water. In that case, you have a few options. Adding a squeeze of lemon or lime juice can make it much more palatable. Herbs and citrus can also make it more enjoyable. If that doesn’t work, consider trying seltzer water, unsweet tea or coffee, vegetable juice or low-fat milk. 

Drinks Diabetics Should Avoid

You have plenty of options for choosing what you can drink on a diabetic meal plan. However, there are some that you should avoid at all times. These are generally beverages that are high in sugar and can raise your blood sugar levels. They are also often high in calories, which can contribute to weight gain. Soda, fruit juice and energy drinks are those that you should avoid in favor of low-sugar drinks. 

Water and diabetes are as much bedfellows as water with non-diabetics. It is the number one choice. Choose water for diabetes because it is the one drink you know you’ll never experience any problems with.

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