Brandy and Diabetes

Brandy and Diabetes


Brandy and Diabetes - Is Brandy Safe to Drink?

Most alcoholic drinks can indeed cause harm to diabetic people. But not all. Consuming a drink that will cause a spike in your blood sugar is not advisable, so to avoid further health complications.

Taking alcohol may either cause an immediate rise or fall of your blood sugar, especially when taken in large portions. Also, alcohol is filled with lots of calories which can result in heart disease and stroke.

So what drink can a diabetic consume without harm? Brandy! 

Brandy is one healthy drink that has been used as a medication for various ailments. It is an alcoholic beverage from Spain and is made from fruit-based mashed.

In this article, we will know the relationship between brandy and diabetes.

Brandy and Diabetes

Brandy comes in a lot of flavors and it still hasn't been completely proven to be goods for people living with diabetes.

Brandy comes with components for fighting bacteria but its high alcohol content makes it not good for diabetics.

Alcohol, in general, is not healthy for diabetes, if a diabetic should take brandy, it should be in a very little portion.

It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure. The polyphenolic acid in brandy also helps to reduce artery inflammation.

It also is low in cholesterol and contains zero carbs. It also contains antioxidants that help to reduce bad cholesterol in the body and promotes good cholesterol.


Having come to the end of the brandy and diabetes article, we have seen that brandy is a great alcoholic drink as it contains lots of healthy nutrients. But its alcoholic content can be harmful, so it should be taken in low portions.

You can speak with your doctor before taking brandy to stay on the safe side.

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