Cream of Wheat and Diabetes

Cream of Wheat and Diabetes


Cream of Wheat and Diabetes - Can Diabetics Eat Cream of Wheat?


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. But when you have diabetes, choosing your preferred breakfast can be difficult. This is because you wouldn't want to eat anything that can cause more harm than good.

Eating food with high glucose content can be harmful to diabetic people as it can lead to a spike in blood sugar.

Will cream of wheat increase your blood sugar level? Let's find out in this article as we will be sharing the relationship between cream of wheat and diabetes.

Cream of Wheat and Diabetes - The Relationship

If you are looking for what to have for breakfast, you can consider something like a cream of wheat. This is because cream of wheat is hot cereal, and as a diabetic person, it is advised to take hot cereals instead of cold cereals. Hot cereals tend to lower blood sugar, while cold cereal increases blood sugar.


Cream of wheat has a GI score of 56 to 69 and a glycemic load of 17, which is quite high. So, it is advised to add food rich in proteins and fat to help lower the GI rate before eating. Protein and fat help to normalize blood sugar levels. You can also go for healthier alternatives like cut oatmeals, muesli, oat bran as they have Gi of 55, which is lower than cream of wheat.


Dieticians also advise that diabetic people should consume cereals with high fiber content, 5 grams or more. This is because fiber helps to lower the absorption of sugar into the body and helps to manage blood sugar levels.


According to the Federal Government Dietary Guideline for Americans, individuals should eat at least 14 grams of fiber in every 1,000 calories of the meal.


The normal cream of wheat contains 1 gram of fiber while the whole grain one contains 5grams of fiber preserving. So it is advised that you go for the whole grain option as it has higher fiber content.

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In this cream of wheat and diabetes article, it is seen that cream of wheat is healthy for people with diabetes. However, it is advised to include meals with high protein and fat to stabilize the nutrient content. So, you can add fiber to your cereal or add some unprocessed bran to your cereal before eating. 

Whole grain cream cheese is better because of its high fiber content.

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