Intuitive Eating and Diabetes

Intuitive Eating and Diabetes

The intuitive eating approach is seen to be related to diabetes, but the result is quite scarce. Intuitive eating is not just about eating whatever you like and caring less about your wellbeing.

Although intuitive eating is for everybody, people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes can engage in it. Diabetic patients are often concerned with their meal choice as they wouldn’t want to consume any food that will spike their blood sugar level or lead to complications.

In this article, we will be sharing the link between intuitive eating and diabetes.

Can Diabetic Patients Undergo Intuitive Eating

Yes, there is always a balance between intuitive eating and diabetes. This is quite risky, especially when you are doing it for the first time, but it is simple. 

A study of individuals with type 2 diabetes trained in intuitive eating and diabetes have been seen to have healthier choices of food, great blood sugar management, and weight loss.

According to studies, intuitive eating has been seen to improve weight loss and control in pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

When eating intuitively as a diabetic patient, you have to consider the amount and nutritional components in your meal. For instance, you may feel like eating freshly baked cookies as it is lunchtime when you are really hungry. But you should also know that you need more protein in your body to help control your blood sugar, as the cookies may spike your blood sugar level.

So, even if you are thinking of an intuitive diet at that time, you should think about something like a turkey, some low-fat cheese sandwich, and probably some chips. You can also take some freshly made orange juice, not the processed ones.

At other times, you should check your blood sugar before taking any meal. Test blood sugar frequently, and it will cause you to know what, when, and why you should eat. 

If you know how your blood sugar is affected by potatoes, then you will be mindful of how much of it you should take. You can then decide to have a pack of sweet potatoes for two servings.

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Intuitive eating is something that can be enjoyed by diabetic patients too. Don’t let diabetes make you feel like you can't have a great eating relationship with your food.

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